Astonishing Advantages of Massage Therapy

A massage is a wonderful way to unwind, treat yourself, and unwind. However, did you realize that massage treatment offers much more than simply a half-hour or so of tranquility? Massage therapy has been employed throughout history in both Eastern and Western cultures to manage a variety of medical ailments, promote wellness, and ease chronic pain.

Here are additional health advantages of massage therapy that can significantly enhance your general well-being and standard of living.

1. Counteracts Sitting at A Desk All Day

When we are sitting at a desk all day, we tend to carry our stress heavily in the shoulders and neck. Massage therapy can relieve the postural stress that results from prolonged periods of sitting and improve your overall posture. If you work a desk job, be sure to pay attention to any pain or weakness in the lower back, shoulders and neck. Scheduling a regular massage will not only help you relax after a busy month at work, but also greatly counteract the negative health effects that result from sitting down all day.

2. Eases Muscle Pain

If your muscles are sore from exercise or sports injury, massage therapy can reduce muscle pain by increasing and improving your circulation. Increased circulation aids in regeneration of muscle function and can not only help with muscle soreness, but also prevent future injury.

3. Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Massage therapy has been shown to increase serotonin and dopamine levels, resulting in decreased symptoms of depression. The stress-alleviating effects of a massage also significantly decrease cortisol levels (the stress hormone), which reduces anxiety.

4. Improves Sleep

The calming effects that follow a massage due to increased serotonin and dopamine levels also encourage a more peaceful and restful sleep. Whether it’s pain, stress or anxiety that keep you up at night, a massage can alleviate a number of conditions that could be keeping you from having a good night’s sleep.

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