Are You One Of The People That Still Insists Your Pedicure Must Be Done With Blade?

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Are you one of the people that still insists your pedicure must be done with BLADE?

Please read this! Smooth don’t remove! If you use a blade to essentially ‘cut’ away calluses, they will return worse and with a vengeance!

Callus is there for a reason! You never want to “remove” callus from your feet. Instead, bring it down with a pedicure file. If you completely remove callus, unfortunately the pressure points still exist on your feet due to your gate (the way you walk). Because callus is our skin’s protective mechanism, once the callus is removed skin will go into “shock” and build that call us back up as fast as it can on the pressure points. So “removing” callus is a VERY temporary solution, which could result, sore feet and even worse callus growth following your pedicure. Razors are for your hair, not your skin! Do you ever shave your legs and accidentally cut your skin and started bleeding? Often times you don’t even know how it happened. Well, the same can happen when someone is using a blade on your feet. Razor blades are not meant for your skin and can too easily cut too deep, leaving you with more than you bargained for.Get a regular pedicure instead of using a blade!
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